-Simple Inks $10
-Graphic Inks $20
-Cell Shaded $30


-Head Shot $10
-Bust $20
-Waist $25
-Full Body $30

-Extra Character +$10
-Simple BG/Prop +$5
-Detailed BG +$15

Simple Sketch Simple Sketch

-Head Shot $15
-Bust $25
-Waist $30
-Full Body $45

-Extra Character +$10
-Simple BG/Prop +$8
-Detailed BG +$15

Detail Sketch Detail Sketch Detail Sketch

-Head Shot $25
-Bust $30
-Waist $40
-Full Body $50

-Extra Character +$20
-Simple BG/Prop +$10
-Detailed BG +$25

Simple Ink Simple Ink Simple Ink

-Head Shot $30
-Bust $35
-Waist $50
-Full Body $60

-Extra Character +$20
-Simple BG/Prop +$15
-Detailed BG +$25

Graphic Inks Graphic Inks Graphic Inks

-Head Shot $40
-Bust $50
-Waist $60
-Full Body $75

-Extra Character +$45
-Simple BG/Prop +$10
-Detailed BG +$50

Cell Shaded Cell Shaded Cell Shaded

-Head Shot $50
-Bust $60
-Waist $75
-Full Body $100

-Extra Character +$70
-Simple BG/Prop +$10
-Detailed BG +$60

Full Color Full Color Full Color

.:MODEL SHEET:. - $250
(Character reference sheet)
Standard Sheet includes:
Head shot, front back,

E-mail me for anything beyond what's included on the standard sheet.

Model Sheet Model Sheet

Commission Status: Open - Please inquire about delivery times.

All price are based on a single character commission.:
For additonal characters, see below. Prices account for a total of three characters. At the fourth character I will start tallying again. Also note that prices may be adjusted owing to excessive amounts of detail. But I will let you know when we discuss the piece if this is a possibilty.

EXAMPLE: Your image consists of six characters in full color, full body.
First character is $95 + $65/each for the next two. The 4th would be another $95 + $65/each for the next two. Animals may or may not count as an additional character depending on size and prominence in the piece.

-$5 for a color print, this includes shipping and the original sketch, if the sketch wasn't digital

.:Sizes larges than 8x10 are up for discussion
.:Mediums are up for discussion

.:I pay shipping costs.

Preferred Method of Payment

.:Pay-Pal Invoice
.:Google Wallet


1. Once you've decided you'd like to commission me or want to inquire about a commission, send an email to loreli@exitrealitystudios.com and include the following:

-Your Name
-What'd you'd like drawn and/or any references
-What medium you'd like it in
-If you need it for a certain date

The more detailed your description, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want. If you're unsure of what you want and just want to see what I can come up with, that's fine too.

2. I usually try to respond within 24 hours. If I don't, feel free to poke me again. I'm easily distracted by shiny things. I'll confirm pricing, your spot on the progress list and try to give a rough estimate of how long it will take. I'll also send you an invoice for the first half of payment unless the commission is under $30, then I'll invoice all of it up front.

3. I ask 50% up front. If you cancel the commission after work has been started there is a non-refundable payment, never more than 25% of the total cost based on how far I've gone. Once I send you a proof sketch, I'll either make the requested changes (if there are any) or move into inks and/or color.

4. You'll receive another update upon completion of the inks/base colors.

5. Upon completion you'll receive a low resolution version. Once I get the rest of the payment, I'll send you a high res version.

Exit Reality Studios and all art © 2011 Nikki Webster